VIIth Bay Area Population Genomics Conference


Sponsored by, Stanford Center for Computational, Evolutionary, and Human Genomics, and EcoEvo group of the Stanford Biology Department


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February 2, 2013 (Saturday),


Stanford University, Herrin Hall T175

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January 15
CONTACT: Dmitri Petrov;
9:00 AM
Breakfast Buffet  
9:30 AM Kirk Lohmueller, Nielsen/Lohmueller Labs, Berkeley/UCLA Exome sequencing and heterogeneity of complex trait
9:50 AM Ben Callahan, Fisher Lab, Stanford Experimental evolution of niche construction
10:10 AM Joshua Schraiber, Slatkin Lab, Berkeley Theory and application of Wright-Fisher diffusion bridges
10:30 AM Coffee Break    
10:50 AM Pleuni Pennings, Petrov Lab, Stanford Soft and hard selective sweeps in HIV
11:10 AM Anand Bhaskar, Song Lab, Berkeley Exact comparison between Kingman's coalescent and discrete Wright-Fisher model for large sample sizes  
11:30 AM Qi Zhou, Bachtrog Lab, Berkeley Atlas of avian sex chromosome evolution
11:50 AM Lunch (register if you would like to get food!) and Posters

1:00 PM Nandita Garud, Petrov Lab, Stanford Evidence that recent adaptation in Drosophila is primarily driven by soft sweeps
1:20 PM Jeremy Roop, Brem Lab, Berkeley
Rare variants drive common traits in S. paradoxus
1:20 PM Hunter Fraser, Fraser Lab, Stanford
Gene expression drives local adaptation in humans
  Scott Roy, Roy Lab, SFSU
Many different solutions to the same problem: subcellular targeting of MDH genes in fungi
  Joel Thompson, Fisher Lab, Stanford Evolutionary Dynamics and Diversity in Microbial Populations
  Rajiv McCoy, Boggs/Petrov Evaluating methods of demographic inference using genomic data from the checkerspot butterfly Euphydryas gillettii
  Alan Bergland, Petrov Lab, Stanford Genomic evidence of rapid and stable adaptive oscillations over seasonal time scales in Drosophila.
  David Lawrie, Petrov Lab, Stanford Strong Purifying Selection at Synonymous Sites in D. melanogaster
  Sandeep Venkataram, Petrov Lab, Stanford Epistasis and Repeatability of evolution in Fisher's Geometric Model
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